9 Simple SEO Tips



If you want your website to gain traffic and have a high rank in the major search engines, there is a need for you to make use or choose among the several search engine optimization techniques. Here they are...


If you are just starting to build a website, you want to get a high ranking in the search engines, or you want to earn money from your site, there are things that you might consider doing. There's actually one way to do it and it is through search engine optimization or in short, SEO. SEO consists of several techniques and you will find them below.


Write contents and submit them to article directories. Come up with excellent contents about your niche and submit them to reputable article directories. At the end of your content or maybe in the author's resource box, you may place the link to your site. Many people visit article directories daily and if your content is exemplary, they might repost it to other sites and even recommend your site.